The Penguin can be used in the Orca bath tub, but fits ordinary bath tubs as well. With its suction cups, the Penguin sits firmly on most smooth surfaces.

The Orca is a spacious bath tub that provides comfort and freedom of movement for your child. Functionality is an integral feature in the design of the Orca bath tub. It has smooth round edges and a space saver within the area around and beneath the bath tub. The Orca has a hygienic and smooth surface bath tub making it easy to clean. The frame can be taken apart to minimise space for storage or transportation.

The Penguin makes bathing comfortable for the child. It provides support for head and trunk together with great freedom of movement for arms and legs so that the child can stay longer in the bath. With its adjustable abduction block it easily fits the individual child.


Excellent working conditions

The height adjustable frame allows for both standing and sitting care. Free space on the side makes it possible to get close to the child providing optimum comfort. Four smooth running wheels makes it easy to move the bath tub around – even with water in it

Easy to handle

The frame can be taken apart to minimise space for storage or transportation. The smooth and hygienic surface makes it very easy to clean

Freedom of movement

Mount a bathing seat in the Orca for added trunk support and freedom of movement. Both the small Flamingo and the Penguin bathing seat fits perfectly in the bath tub

Penguin - suction cups

Secures the Penguin in the bath tub


550 mm

940 - 1150 mm

1110 mm

max 50 kg

Orca and Penguin measure
Orca measurements -
Overall height (C) 940–1150 mm
Overall width (G) 550 mm
Length (H) 1110 mm
Bath tub height, inside (I1) 290 mm
Bath tub width, inside, bottom (G1) 400 mm
Bath tub width, inside, top (G2) 470 mm
Bath tub length, inside, bottom (H1) 860 mm
Bath tub length, inside, top (H2) 1030 mm
Total mass 16 kg
Max user weight 50 kg
Max load 120 kg
Penguin measurements -
Width (A) 330 mm
Inside width, tightest place (A1) 160 mm
Length (B) 800 mm
Height (C) 260 mm
Length, abduction block to top 560-720 mm
Max load 20 kg
Required width of corridor 1350
Minimum turning radius 2700


  • 87550 The Orca is available in one size

  • 87702 The Penguin is available in one size

Bathing seats

Flamingo seat, size 1+2 880101+880102

Penguin seat 87702

Soap dish, plug and drain

Soap dish, plug and drain pipe (for fast and easy drainage) are standard equipment on the Orca

Soap dish


Drain pipe

See all


Extension hose
Extension hose


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